Industrial Strength has announced the release of the Hardcore Production Bundle, a bundle of sample packs and soundsets.

ISR Hardcore Production Bundle

Well get ready for all that is hard to the core. This hardcore bundle is about to shake the room and rattle your next door neighbors wall. We are proud to present our first Hardcore Production Bundle. This extreme sonic assault on your Daw is sure to be your go to source for thee most hardcore sounds on earth. This bundle features over 1000 samples which can be mashed, bashed, sped up and layered into multiple styles of hard electronic music.

ISR’s Hardcore Production Bundle can be used across Industrial, Hard Techno, Digital Hardcore, Terror, Drum n Bass, Crossbreed, Breakcore, Electronic Metal, and pretty much any kind of style that require hard edge electronic sounds.

This master blaster Industrial Strength production bundle is loaded up with massive selection kick drums, loads of percussion, noise, crazy effects, distorted synths, production kits and presets for Lennar Digital Sylenth 1.

The bundle features the whole Computer Core collection Volume 1, Volume2 and Volume 3, Computer Core Sylenth, the full version of Drumcore plus the complete version of Drum n Noise. This amazing sample pack will give you all the tools you need to get down and dirty while using clean 24 bit audio files, ready for any Daw. The bundle contains all the formats included in the individual sample packs.

The bundle pack is available for purchase for £68.95 GBP.

More information: Industrial Strength / Hardcore Production Bundle