Industrial Strength Samples has launched Spire Club Essentials, a set of modern club presets produced by Sounds Of Tomorrow for the Spire synthesizer instrument by Reveal Sound.

Industrial Strength Spire Club Essentials

Designed exclusively for Spire users, this pack is armed with 32 Spire Presets to push the edges of any Club track. You’ll find all the deep Bass, towering Synths, grueling FX, and captivating Leads you hear in the demo. These versatile presets are designed to tweak to hell and back. Apply them again and again in EDM, Progressive, Electro, Hardstyle, Big Room, House, Trance, Rawstyle and most major Dance styles.

Each preset was created with a passion for the hardest-hitting sounds of modern Club music by Sounds of Tomorrow’s brilliant Michael Moscoso. A prolific artist and sonic craftsman, with a dedication to authenticity, he once again crafts genre-bending sounds that connect with modern producers looking for hot club sounds to make there riff’s come alive.

The soundset is available for £7.95 GBP.

More information: Industrial Strength / Spire Club Essentials