Industrial Strength Samples has released a new sample pack from 404 Studio titled Hoover, featuring a collection of 50 hoover loops.

Industrial Strength Hoover

Wow we keep reaching for the key essentials for producing and remixing Hard dance and Free Style productions. We got a nice one for ya. Once again 404 Studio steps up to answer the call and deliver a well needed pack. Hoover.

Yep Hoover. We all know them, We read about them and yes have used them. Yet the need for more never ends especially in the fast pace Hard Dance world. 404 Studio has created a hand crafted set of Hoovers all made from the ground up. This micro pack offer up 50 butt kicking 24 Bit audio loops to mangle up.

Hoover offers up 100% License Free goodies for easy to use Drop n Rock Performance. You get a mad set of audio all tempo marked and Keyed up for extra ease of use. This brand new micro pack will work in any Modern Daw.

The sample pack is available from Loopmasters for £7.95 GBP.

Also available is Dark Techno Kick Loops, a new pack that offers 300+ audio files to jam into while producing or remixing banging Techno.

Industrial Strength Dark Techno Kick Loops

This in house Audio creation offers up a slew of hand crafted Kick Loops and super clean Drum shots. We combined clean drum shots with juicy, distorted, heavy weighted Kick Drums Loops in multiple textures, so you can create your own signature Drum sound.

Each Drum Texture gives you more power when creating heavy styles of Techno, EBM or experimental Techno. We included Flat Tones. Hi Tones. Click Kick Loops, White Noise drum Layers and just good old Bass Drums.

All the Loops are Tempo marked at 126 Bpm so you can unleash these wicked Kick Drum Loops in different styles of Techno. You Decide. Each sound was made from the ground up ensuring you get fresh new sonics for your next production. All the files are 100% License Free and will work within any Modern Daw or sampler.

The collection includes:

  • 41 White Noise Kick Loops.
  • 58 Tech Shots.
  • 43 Hi Kick Loops.
  • 54 Flat Kick Drum Loops.
  • 57 Click Kick Loops.
  • 76 Bass Drum Loops.

The Dark Techno Kick Loops pack costs £19.95 GBP.

More information: Industrial Strength Samples