Industrial Strength Samples has launched its sample pack Impact, a dark cinematic featuring impacts, bombs, explosions and more.

Industrial Strength Samples Impact

Impact kicks it up a notch for Heavy experimental electronic music, Industrial Techno, Dark Techno or just to use as a content pack to create new sounds and textures. The pack is great for Games, Films or simple low budget Youtube videos.

Our team was hard at work to make an all in Impact pack to add to our up coming Underground Cinematic Bundle. Impact works with all our other Cinematic packs and is a great solo tool for creating new sounds and textures.

The pack is overloaded with sick one shots for loads of different production applications. If you seek a usable and abusable audio collection of dark cinematic sounds and of course impacts. This is it folks.

Impact features

  • 897 MB content, 300 audio files.
  • Includes 25 atmos, 25 impacts, 5 bass hits, 15 bombs, 5 bongo hits, 15 crash, 10 downfillers, 10 drops, 5 dry bombs, 10 dry kicks, 20 drum fills, 5 fist punch, 10 fx impacts, 5 hardcore kick bombs, 5 rain drops, 10 cymb, 5 rewinds, 10 soundscapes, 10 stabs, 10 sub bombs, 5 sub drops, 10 sub impacts, 5 techno kick bombs, 10 thuds, 5 triangle sounds, 5 turntable stops, 10 up riser, 5 up-fillers, 10 short fx, 5 white noise fx.
  • 15 NI Massive presets and 15 audio files from the presets.

Impact is available for £17.95 GBP.

More information: Industrial Strength Samples