Industrial Strength Samples has released its new sample pack Neo Jazz, a collection of construction kits with one shots. drum loops, bass grooves, horns, keys and all that Jazz.

Industrial Strength Neo Jazz

From the Producer of NU Disco, Lounge Hip Hop and Contemporary collections. His latest creation dives deep into Neo Jazz. A soul full modern audio collection for the now.

This amazing take on this progressive style of music is not to be overlooked. This pack can work very well with Neo Soul, Nu Soul, Modern Funk, Contemporary, Down tempo, Lounge and of course Nu Disco.

Neo Jazz offers up loads of Music files, the pack comes in Multi tempo Kits to explore new grooves and of course this pack is 100% License Free and will work in any Modern DAW.

The pack is available from Loopmasters for £16.95 GBP.

Also available is a huge sound collection for experimental production and design. Alien Factory features over 1,200 audio files and 512 presets for the Massive synthesizer by Native Instruments.

Industrial Strength Alien Factory

Yep, you’r reading it right. This pack is a beast. You can except to find everything you hear in the Demo and so much more. Alien Factory is a clever pack that contains loads of Clips, Sounds, Glitches, Shots, Loops, SFX, Digital Bass which are all fueled up for Industrial, Heavy Techno, EBM, Goth, Indie Sci fi Films, Hard Techno and Sound Design. Alien Factory is ready for a wide range of use for Experimental music.

From the maker of Industrium and Dark Matter. This newest creation digs deep with loads glitchy sounds and dirty Wobbles combined with a large NI Massive Preset collection to bring out the Industrial experimentalist in all of us.

Making heavy Industrial Dubstep, Alien factory has got you covered in a big way. This new collection offers up 450 NI Massive presets to mangle up. Get ready for Experimental presets liked mashed up weird bass sounds, upfront edgy lead type sounds and of course crazy effects.

Alien Factory costs £17.95 GBP.

For users of Rob Papen’s RAW-Kick virtual instrument there’s a new collection of kick drum presets. Raw Kick 3 includes 84 presets and 10 bonus kick drum samples.

Industrial Strength Raw Kick 3

This blistering Kick Drum preset pack is ready to deliver the huge enjoy for hardcore and Hard electronic music producers. You get a ground up essential collection of bass drums to twist ant your next head banger production.

Raw Kick Vol3 offers a load of kicks for Hardcore , Up-tempo, Industrial and any hard style looking for a serious bass drum boost. Just check these insane demo tracks to see what you can do to these off the chain kicks.

This collection has a mind of its own, if you got Raw Kick 1 or 2, This will be a perfect edition to stock up on more mega kick drums to destroy your drum tracks.

Raw Kick 3 is available for £14.95 GBP.

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