Infected Sounds has announced an update to the virtual instrument Luxus, a high quality rompler designed to generate your favorite sounds.

Infected Sounds Luxus rompler

Luxus features 150 samples, including accordions, basses, guitars, leads, pads, pianos, plucks, saxos, trumpets, violins, and vocal shots. Additional expansion packs are available for purchase.

Luxus features

  • Preset manager with 128 presets to choose from.
  • Noise Oscillator with white & pink noise.
  • Built-in sequencer and trance gate.
  • Modulation options (2 LFOs, Pan LFO, modifier, amplifier, pitch envelope, LFO Matrix, pitch wheel, mod wheel and aftertouch).
  • Multi-mode filter and formant vowel filter.
  • Effects: Overdrive, decimator, equalizer, chorus, fatner, ensemble, reverb.
  • Master pan, master volume, one main octave, porta with legato & slide mode, velocity on & off, velocity for filter & modifiers, polyphony up to 32 voices, VU meters.

Available in VST/VST3 plugin format for Windows, Luxus is available for purchase for 35 EUR.

More information: Infected Sounds