Infected Sounds has announced the release of Infected, a software synthesizer inspired by hardware synths.

infected synth

The synth features two “double” oscillators which can be mixed and each include 32 classic morphing waveforms and 64 spectral waveforms.

Infected is a new generation of synthesizer inspired by hardware synths, and designed to generate your favourite sounds.

Infected features

  • 2 “double” oscillators with shape, semitone, detune.
  • Pitch env amount for each oscillator.
  • Pwm mode for each oscillator.
  • 4 modultion modes for oscillator waves.
  • Includes sequencer, trance gate, modulation matrix, filters, effects & more.
  • 128 presets: Leads, Basses, Bells, Chords, Plucks, and Pads.
  • Preset manager.

Infected is available as a VST plugin for Windows, priced 25 EUR. A free demo version can be downloaded.

More information: Infected Sounds