Infrasonik IL.EK.TRON Silicon

Infrasonik has released IL.EK.TRO Silicon, a razor sharp sample pack for Ableton Live 7 created by Carl Finlow a.k.a Random Factor & Silicon Scally.

IL.EK.TRO Silicon is all about driving crunchy electro and and driving techno beats beats sliced and diced into modular and flexible Drum Racks for Live 7…a nuclear bomb for the dance floor!

IL.EK.TRO Silicon features

  • 25 Performance Machines – Drum Loop Live Clips with associated Drum Racks and FX chains.
  • 10 Bass Machines – Bass Loop Live Clips with associated Drum Racks and FX chains.
  • 128 Drum Racks – Drum Loop Live Clips with associated Drum Racks.
  • 297 Live Clips – all the samples compiled into the following sections as Live Clips:
    • Keys – FX – 58 Live Clips
    • Keys – Loops – 30 Live Clips
    • Drums – Loops – 131 Live Clips
    • Drums – Elements – 20 Live Clips
    • Bass – One Shots – 29 Live Clips
    • Bass – Loops – 29 Live Clips
    • 35 FX Performance Chains
  • A maximum of 4 macro controls on the racks let users quickly dial in an inspiring setting, and is perfect for DJing or live performance use.
  • A limiting module at the end of each Performance and Bass Machines’s FX chain prevents the chain’s final output from clipping in a live performance or DJ setting.
  • All files are 24 bit.

IL.EK.TRON Silicon is available now as an instant download for 38 EUR.

Visit Infrasonik for more information and audio demos.