Initial Audio has announced the release of the AR1 Reverb, an algorithmic reverb effect plugin designed to sound great on all types of instruments.

AR1 offers controls for early reflections, reverb space, stereo width, pre-delay, high frequency bandwidth and damping, pitch modulation, and dry/wet mix.

AR1 sounds amazing on Pianos, Bells, Guitars, and Vocals, but also on more synthetic sounds like Synthesizer leads. We have tweaked and tested for thousands of hours to get this sounding just right for any sound source you care to throw at it.

A Reverb plugin is used to make instruments sound like they are being played in a real place (Hall, Stadium etc), an algorithmic (ie realtime) reverb has to recreate this very convincingly or it will just sound “wrong” or fake. AR1 Reverb gives you the ability to create a space of your liking with very simple to use controls.

AR1 is available in 64-bit VST and AU plugin formats for Windows and Mac, at the intro price of $19 USD (regular $89 USD).

More information: Initial Audio