Inouï Samples has announced the release of Breath & Beat Box, a collection of vocal percussions delivered with great precision and sensibility.

Inouï Samples Breath Beat Box Kit

It features a main kit, inspired by a drumset, made of 4 kicks, 2 snares with different playing techniques, chromatic toms on 3 lengths, 2 hi-hats, 5 cymbals, 4 shakers and 3 woodblocks and a few complementary instruments designed to help you create even more diverse and detailed rhythms and textures.

A continuous fader control between a close position large membrane microphone and a stereo couple in semi-proximity position makes it easy for you to pick the tone color that best suits your production.

Whether you want a delicate rhythmic arrangement for your compositions, or fancy a live human presence to get your electronic productions warmer, if you wish for an unusual and unheard percussions, Breath & Beat Box is just the kit you need!

Breath & Beat Box features

  • More than 1,900 samples.
  • 48kHz / 24 bits (recorded and processed in 96kHz).
  • Up to 6 layers of velocity.
  • Up to 5 round robins.
  • 2 microphone positions:
    • Close position cardioid large membrane (mono).
    • Semi proximity omnidirectional short membrane couple (stereo).
  • Complete main kit featuring: 4 kicks, 2 snares (rim shots, rolls…), Chromatic toms on 15 half tones and 3 different lengths, 2 hi-hats, 5 cymbals, 4 shakers and 3 wood-blocks.
  • Precise volume, fading between the microphone positions and pan controls to up to 19 elements simultaneously.
  • Mixing console and general commands to control elements together or sorted by sub-groups.
  • Complementary aerial structures and breathings in separate .nki files.

Breath & Beat Box is available for Kontakt 5.8.1 or later (full version), for the intro price of 50 EUR until December 25th, 2019 (regular 65 EUR).

More information: Inouï Samples

Inouï Samples Breath Beat Box Mix