W.A. Production is offering a discount of 80% on a collection of 3 MIDI plugins designed to help you compose music in an instant.

The InstaSeries Bundle comprises InstaScale, InstaChord, and the more recent InstaComposer, letting you generate melodies and progressions with ease.

You could spend thousands on college courses and countless hours on YouTube tutorials learning music theory just so you can try to remember every possible scale and chord progression. Almost impossible! Imagine all that knowledge being available to you in an instant.

Designed for those who know, those who are learning, and those who are stuck asking the age-old question, “What comes next?” — we offer you, The InstaSeries Bundle.

The bundle is on sale for only $49.90 USD (regular value of included plugins $238 USD). If you own one of the plugins included in the bundle, you can upgrade for $29.90 USD during the promotion.

The offer is available from the W.A. Production store and at distributor Plugin Boutique until May 27th, 2022.