Plugin Boutique has published a Show & Reveal video on the Intellijel Rubicon virtual Eurorack module by Softube.

In the video, producer Adam Pollard aka Multiplier takes a look at Rubicon’s feature set, and demonstrates it in use.

Rubicon is a virtual Eurorack module designed to work on Softube’s ’Modular’. It is a thru zero fm triangle core VCO module ideal for experimenting with FM synthesis.

Rubicon features

  • High precision emulated Triangle core.
  • Switchable linear and (for the first time in any module) exponential TZFM (through-zero FM).
  • Linear index VCA for dynamic control of TZFM depth.
  • Symmetry control (full clockwise is normal, full counter-clockwise gives reversed waveforms, centered the VCO is at 0 Hz) with CV.
  • 12 primary waveform types: sine, sigmoid, double sigmoid, triangle, saw, double saw, zigzag, square, pulse (center modulated), pulse (edge modulated), double pulse.
  • Suboctave circuit with -1 and -2 octaves. The suboctave output is affected by fm just like the main signals.
  • Soft sync (also known as reversing sync) with attenuator.
  • Hard sync with selectable reset direction (determines if the triangle starts moving up or down after a reset, very useful in LFO mode).
  • Pulse-width modulation and exponential FM with dedicated attenuators.

Rubicon for Softube Modular is available from Plugin Boutique.

More information: Plugin Boutique / Intellijel Rubicon