Intermorphic Mixtikl

Intermorphic has announced the release of Mixtikl 4.0, the generative music lab & modular synth for the desktop and iOS.

It brings drill-down parameter editing of core Noatikl parameters, allowing you to customise all included generative content. Messing with patterns and pattern randomisation can be a lot of fun for generating new riff ideas and arps. The Noatikl parameter editor is primarily aimed mainly at Noatikl users who are familiar with Noatikl for PC/Mac, which is also recommended for constructing pieces from scratch. That said, if you are into experimenting and you don’t know Noatikl, there is a still a ton to mess with!

Changes in Mixtikl 4.0

  • New: Integrated drill-down Noatikl parameter editor for generative content customisation:
    • All of the core Noatikl parameters are available for real-time editing.
    • All changes saved when you save the mix, which can be tweeted.
    • Pattern editing with text editing of sub-patterns and randomisation options.
    • Import Noatikl files (created with Noatikl desktop, available separately) from the clipboard.
    • Save Noatikl files to User Content folder.
    • New Noatikl Seed pak, containing simple Noatikl voice type definitions.
  • Improved: Now much easier export of mixtikls for tweeting.
  • Improved: Simplified behaviour of the More menu.
  • Improved: On first load-up for most variants, auto-load and auto-start a demo mix.
  • Improved: Look of list items and FX network editor.
  • Improved: Added Clear Cell item to the Clear menu.
  • Bug fixes and general improvements.
  • See also the release details on Mixtikl forum.

Mixtikl 4.0 is available to purchase for the desktop for $24.95 USD; the iOS version is $7.99 USD. The update is free for licenced owners of Mixtikl 2.x/3.x.

More information: Intermorphic / Mixtikl