Intermorphic naotikl

Intermorphic has released noatikl, a generative (MIDI) music engine for Windows and Mac OS X.

It creates musical information in the form of MIDI notes, and can also generate and send MIDI controller information to control settings of your favourite synths, FX units and samplers.

Use noatikl to:

  • Generate new musical ideas
  • Break composer’s block
  • Augment an existing musical work
  • Create ambient sound tracks
  • Experiment with generative music systems
  • Noodle with music sculptures
  • Generatively change synth, FX and sampler settings
  • Simply have fun creating music!

noatkil is available in various formats for $199 USD, or as a suite of both Win and Mac platforms including all formats for $299 USD.

More information: Intermorphic