Intermorphic Mixtikl 2

Intermorphic has released version of Mixtikl, a generative music mixer for mobile, web & tweets.

Changes made have primarily been concerned with improving usability, and making it much easier to get started with a new mix.

Changes in Mixtikl v2.0.1.0

  • New Random and New Empty have been added to all the included Tiklpaks; selecting New Random will create new mix populated from all the available content.
  • You can add your own New Random files, where generative and audio loop content is identified in the underlying New Random.mixtikl mix file by: Gen content vol=88, Audio loops vol=87. If tempo is set to 0 then tempo will be randomised, too.
  • Get Paks (was first item in mixes) now moved to More Mixtikl menu, again to simplify making new mixes.
  • Tapping top _right_ in Mixer screen does not now load the main menu (which was confusing), and the tooltip text is now yellow to show it relates to the highlighted cell.
  • New “Clear EVERYTHING” added to Actions menu, so you can clear everything in a mix back to default settings.
  • In the Apps menu the Partikl entry has been renamed to “File Player” (which better reflects what it does, and where advanced access to Partikl settings for a file can be accessed).
  • File Player layout improved.
  • Windows Mobile: Product Key can now be entered.

More information: Intermorphic