Intermorphic Noatikl

Intermorphic has released updates for its generative music tools for Windows and Mac, Noatikl and Mixtikl.

Noatikl is a powerful, easy to use generative music software tool that helps you come up with new music and song ideas – and your own generative music.

The open Mixtikl system uniquely lets you easily mix together generative “parts” with loops & sound FX to create your own custom mixes. Mixtikl 2 is already packed with power and yet is still young as a tool.

Changes in Noatikl v1.6.0.5

  • Fixed – Noatikl problems registering Noatikl VSTi (especially on Mac, probably Windows).

Changes in Mixtikl since v2.1.0.10

  • Intermittent crashes that occurred when loading new/open mixes (affected all platforms).
  • VSTi registration problem that might have affected Mixtikl.
  • Improved: Updated the Partikl “Most Recently Used” (MRU) file dialog (e.g. as used when launching Partikl) to tell user what to do if no items are in the MRU list.
  • Improved: Speeded up display of most dialogs.

More information: Intermorphic