Soundyan has announced the release of the Interstellar Waterphone, a virtual instrument featuring hundreds of sounds from 3 waterphones captured in high detail.

Comprising 1 GB of recorded audio, the instrument includes 6 soundsets (both tuned and untuned natural microtonal waterphone) with a wide variety of sounds.

This “virtual instrument” is a perfect match for movies scoring and music production or composing. It creates exceptional soundscapes, noises and acoustic plate-like reverberation. The plugin has multiple parameters which can be controlled by your favourite DAW software using automation and envelopes

Three different Interstellar Waterphones were recorded using the high-end equipment to make an audio source for this plugin. The work was tough as the individual samples lasted long until it vanish into the silence. The average sample length is 30 seconds (!).

Interstellar Waterphone has controls for an ADSR envelope, sample start offset and low-pass and high-pass filters. It also includes a “Virtual Bow”.

Available in VST3 and AU plugin formats and as standalone software for Windows and Mac, Interstellar Waterphone costs $49 USD. A free trial version is available for download.

More information: Soundyan