Inz4ne-Sounds has announced the release of a new virtual synthesizer instrument for Windows. Pers3us contains over 512 sounds to kick-start your creativity.

Browse through the huge variety of built in presets or take full control of your sound and dive into the many modulation options, effects and parameters with the ability to layer up to 4 different waveforms.

Pers3us features

  • Includes over 512 presets.
  • Over 120 waveforms with 16 categories (Classic, Spectral, Sine, Ramp, Saw, RampSquare, SawSquare, SquareStep, PulseSpecial, Punch, Bounce, Bells, Guitars, Vocals, Flutes, PulseNoises, etc).
  • 2 x Oscillators + 2 Sub Oscillators with pan.
  • 8 powerful FX modules to bring your sound to life.
  • Mod matrix with 6 destinations for incredible modulation possibilities.
  • Unique Unison engine with 8 voices per oscillator.
  • 1 Filter with 7 Filter modes + Vowel Filter.
  • 2 Mod LFO’s with over fifty-four waveforms and 7 categories (Classic, Spectral, Sine, Special, Slopes, SnHold, Noises etc).
  • 2 Mod Envelopes.
  • FM to shape your sound.
  • Portamento / Legato for those bendy notes.

Pers3us is available to download as a free plugin for Windows (VST/VST3).