iraisynn attinom has released version 1.03 of ommarunn, a 6-oscillator randomizable synthesizer/sound design tool for Windows.


It is a refined and simpler version of araucann. The replacement of envLFOs by LFOs makes it lighter on the CPU, simpler to work with and gives a totally new flavor of randomization. You can also include / exclude parameters from the randomization process.

It offers frequency modulation, amplitude (ring) modulation, phase modulation, additive and subtractive synthesis techniques, all at the same time. It has 6 filtered oscillators modulated by 32 LFOs.

ommarunn does not rely on presets. It is designed to be completely randomizable and produce complex and unique sounds at the push of a button.

Changes in ommarunn v1.03

  • Added option to compress before reverb and delay.
  • Added global smoothing *10 button.
  • Added free running LFOs on / off switch.
  • Added output volume knob.
  • Optimized auto gain algorithms.
  • Fixed math in output math module.
  • Fixed a bug where oscillators lost phase setting when host DAW started playback.

ommarunn for Windows (32-bit VST) is available for 25 EUR (incl. 24% VAT).

More information: iraisynn attinom