Ircam has launched IRCAMAX, a collection of plugins created for Ableton users based on IRCAM technologies like SuperVP and created with Max 5 and Max for Live applications.

This collection features instruments, Audio FX, MIDI modifiers and controllers, all specially created by IRCAM developers giving you a new way to approach sound design, sequencing, and mixing. IRCAMAX is a unique toolbox for DJ’s, producers, composers and musicians.


IRCAMAX features

  • Collection: Based on IRCAM R&D technologies, each collection has 5 plugins. SuperVP is the first IRCAM technology you will discover in this category.
  • Instruments: Sound generator category. GeissEnveloper is the first instrument you will discover in this category.
  • Audio FX: MultiBandDelay and FXSequencer are innovative plugins.
  • Free: Special free editable patches like MultiFX or ChordSequencer!

The IRCAMAX plugins are now available for Mac (requires Ableton Live and Max for Live). Windows versions are expected in January, 2012.

More information: IRCAMAX