Isotonik Studios has announced that Sigabort’s MIDISynth Circuit app that allows complete control of your Novation Circuit is now also available for Android.

The Android version follows the previously available VST/AU and Standalone and iOS versions.

As well as providing detailed control of both synth engines, session, and drums, the editor can be used for storing and retrieving patches/patch banks, for enhanced performance control, and for upload session and sample banks to Circuit.

MIDISynth Circuit features

  • Edit Synths 1 & 2, Drums and Sessions.
  • Store and retrieve patches and patch banks compatible with Novation Components.
  • Upload session banks and sample banks created with Novation Components.
  • Randomisation of all/selected controls via 3 different modes (optional).
  • Morphing between 2 different patches (optional).
  • Performance features with 4 XY pads, 16 user-assignable controls, mixer view (optional).

The app is available for the intro price of £15 GBP until April 29th, 2018. Requires Android Marshmallow (6.0) or later.

More information: Isotonik Studios