Isotonik Studios has announced Isotonik Sounds, a new offering of instrument and sample based packs for Ableton Live.

The series launches with the free Crumar Multiman instrument pack by NOISS COKO and the epic ADM Drums sale pack by AfroDJMac. Both are compatible with Ableton Live 9 or higher.

Crumar Multiman by NOISS COKO features a free selection of seven instruments comprised of samples from the Crumar Multiman-S, described by Vintage Synth Explorer as “a fully polyphonic orchestral string machine”.

The pack features beautiful multisampled patches of each of the main sounds of the synthesizer as well as a combined “ensemble” rack.

ADM Drums by AfroDJMac is the complete collection of drum and percussion content sourced from premium AfroDJMac packs spanning the beginning of his release history through the first half of 2018.

The racks, loops, and samples it contains have been updated, reorganized, and presented in a self-installing Ableton Live pack for intensive, comprehensive access. It includes a truly vast array of useful audio production resources.

ADM Drums is available for £59 GBP excl. VAT.

Each month going forward a new free pack, as well as 2-3 new sale packs by various developers, are slated for release.

More information: Isotonik Studios