It Might Get Loud Productions has launched the Djentsgiving Sale 2017, a limited time offer that bundles the Djenthuggah Drums virtual instrument, a MIDI pack and an upcoming update of Djenthuggah Drums.

In April 2017 It Might Get Loud Productions released Djenthuggah Drums, a shell pack for hard hitting metal. Now IMGL returns with “Djentastic” MIDI Groove Pack that features 30+ unique Progressive Metal Beats. All drums were played by It Might Get Loud Productions co-founder Ron D. Rock.

IMGL also announces a soon release of Djenthuggah Drums Redux that contains brand new natural samples and full selection of cymbals.

Until November 28th, 2017, you can get a bundle of Djenthuggah Drums and the Djentastic MIDI Pack ($30 USD value) for just $10 USD.

This offer includes the upcoming Djenthuggah Drums Redux Update, which will be available for all existing Djenthuggah Drums owners.

More information: It Might Get Loud