It Might Get Loud Productions has announced the release of its first batch of MIDI drum groove packs for 2019.

These 4 new MIDI Packs range from Original UK Punk, to mid-2000’s Emo/Screamo & to Scandinavian Melodic Metal.

On top of that IMGL is announcing a new MIDI Pack line called “Anthology” which covers triple the amount of beats featured in “Essentials” packs. First Anthology pack is tailored for radio-ready modern rock.

The Rock Anthology MIDI pack comes with nearly 300 beats and over 110 drum fills from 80bpm to 189bpm.

It Might Get Loud Rock Anthology

First there were Essentials, now you’ve got Anthology!

Rock Anthology packs grooves & fills for All Modern Rock needs. Whether you need big backbeats, tight upbeats, groovy beats or just simple heavy driving beats; they’re all inside Rock Anthology MIDI Groove Pack.

If you’re writing Modern Top 40 Rock, this pack offers you all the beats you need.

Street Punk Essentials brings 120 unique beats and over 20 fills.

It Might Get Loud UK Street Punk Essentials

Whether Punk Rock means suspenders, Doc Martens, mohawks, spikes, leatherjackets or self made piercings to you, chances are Street Punk Essentials offers the drum beat you’re thinking of when you think of Punk Rock.

This MIDI Pack features the beats of early mid-70s Punk, Ska beats, Ramopunk, Oi Anthem beats and the beats from the Mean Streets of UK. With Street Punk Essentials you can get the ferocity of a thousand soccer hooligans laying down the Millwall bricks.

Emocore Essentials features a collection of 140 unique beats with fills and more than 10 standalone drum fills.

It Might Get Loud Emocore Essentials

Emocore Essentials offers a glimpse into the sound of mid 2000’s Emo/Screamo/Alt Rock. This groove pack offers hard hitting drums, long heavy breakdowns and melodic lighter sections.

When it’s Thursday and you’re under-oath to testify that your latest romance is in fact chemical and you can’t wait to share the news on your space.

Melodic Metal Essentials offers 120+ beats and over 35 unique fills.

It Might Get Loud Melodic Metal Essentials

From the Cold Dark Scandinavia comes drum beats that reflect the long dark winters, short luminous summers & the landscape of woods and lakes. Melodic Metal Essentials offers you a shortcut into the sounds of Melodic Scandinavian Metal.

Beats range from solid basic beats, intros, ballady backbeats & various double bass grooves. These grooves will put night into your wish.

The Rock Anthology MIDI Pack costs $25 USD, while the Essentials series packs are $15 USD each. Prices ex. VAT where applicable.

More information: It Might Get Loud Productions