It Might Get Loud Productions has launched 1989Verb, a reverb that offers the sound of 80s reverbs, including warm plates, bright, dark, long, short, fast gates, slow gates and more.

IMGL 1989Verb

1989Verb is an homage to Late 80’s Reverb tones. Warm plates, bright, dark, long, short, fast gates, slow gates, Reverse reverbs, regens, tap delays, flangers, blooms, stereo wideners, you name it, it’s there.

Based on an 1989 Digital Reverb unit, the 1989Verb not only features the characteristics of the original unit but it also features a HiPass and LoPass to enhance the experience.

A simple interface allows you to dial tones quickly. You can choose the patch from the dropdown menu or just simply keep clicking the arrows until you reach that golden tone.

Whether your Drums need more weight, synths need more air & excitement, vocals need that warm space to dwell in; 1989Verb is a perfect pair for any retro fan! Works well with modern production as well.

1989Verb features

  • VST/AU/AAX Compatible.
  • 57 different Reverb presets.
  • 69.7MB File Size.
  • Hi-Pass & Low-Pass Filters.
  • Wet & Dry knobs.
  • Stereo & Mono mode.

1989Verb is available for 20 EUR excl. VAT.

More information: It Might Get Loud Productions