It Might Get Loud Productions has announced the release of Djenthuggah Drums, a drum sample kit featuring the sounds of a Kumu Birch Custom kit.

Djent. Thall. Elite. Djenthuggah Drums might be small in file size and articulations but it packs all the power to cut through any dense modern metal mix. This Kumu Birch Custom kit likes to be played loud and in fact it sounds so good loud, we actually left out all the ghost notes and medium hits. This is metal, not jazz.

The kit was inspired by the modern metal heavyweights such as Meshuggah, Periphery, Animals As Leaders, & Born Of Osiris to name a few.
The drums were recorded in a practice space in Kouvola, Finland in December 2013 by Ron D. Rock.

Djenthuggah Drums features

  • Djenthuggah Drums contains shells only, no cymbals.
  • Snare: Kumu Birch Custom 14″ x 5,5″, SuperWoodHoop.
  • Toms: Kumu Birch Custom 10″ x 7″, 12″ x 8, 14″ x 12″, PowerHoop.
  • Kick: Kumu Birch Custom 20″ x 16″, SideHole.
  • VST/AU support, TCI & Gog files included.

Djenthuggah Drums is now available for purchase for $20 USD.

More information: It Might Get Loud Productions