Plugin Boutique has announced a sale on the Elements Suite, offering nearly 80% off on the Elements versions of iZotope’s Neutron, Nectar, Ozone and RX.

The iZotope Elements Suite combines 4 powerful, award-winning audio technologies in one package: RX Elements, Neutron Elements, Nectar Elements, and Ozone Elements.

The bundle includes:

  • Nectar Elements: Give your vocals professional clarity and polish in seconds with Nectar Elements. Take the guesswork out of vocal mixing with intelligent compression, de-essing, tonal and subtractive EQ, pitch correction, and reverb in one easy-to-understand interface.
  • Neutron Elements: The easiest way to get your feet wet with all the tools Neutron 3 has to offer—and add some serious power to your plug-in collection. It’s the easiest, most intelligent way to bring unrivaled quality and speed to your mix.
  • Ozone Elements: Get essential mastering tools with Ozone Elements. Enjoy intelligent DSP, the improved Imager, Ozone’s Maximizer, and the intelligent Master Assistant. Explore the future of mastering with Ozone Elements.
  • RX Elements: Perfect for small home studios, RX Elements is a budget-friendly noise reduction and audio repair tool powered by technology used in studios all over the world.

The Elements Suite bundle is on sale for only $40 USD instead of $199 USD until May 1st, 2022. Individual plugins from the bundle are $20 USD each during the promotion.

More information: iZotope