iZotope has launched a limited time sale with up to 60% off on the collection of AI-enabled audio plugins by iZotope.

The iZotope Music Assistant Bundle is an affordable way to take the next step into iZotope’s world of AI-enabled audio software.

Upgrade your plug-in arsenal with the full capabilities of Ozone 9 and Neutron 3, with more modules, processing, and creative potential for your mixes and masters. Rebalance your mix and create stems, remove distracting hum, and more with the new RX 8 Standard. Keep your vocal front and center with Nectar 3 Plus’ Vocal Assistant, with automatic processing that can remove masking from other tracks set up a complete vocal chain in seconds.

The bundle is on sale for $399 USD until November 10th, 2020 (regular $499 USD). Owners of ANY paid iZotope product can crossgrade to the bundle for $199 USD during the promotion.

More information: iZotope