J1000 Alpha / Beta

J1000 has released version 3.7 of Alpha and Beta, two free equalizer effect plug-ins for Windows.

Basically, they are just regular equalizers made according to my ideas how should they look like and react. The main focus was on their functionallity, versatility and usability.

Changes in Alpha / Beta v3.7

  • Different frequency range selectors, for quicker operation and better visual feedback.
  • Five selectable Q factors that cover same bandwidth as before.
  • All filters do not consume CPU when they’re at 0dB and turned on.
  • [Alpha] Low-frequency compressor/saturator that produces smooth bass response.
  • [Alpha] Removed exciter, to reduce CPU needs, since there are many better solutions for harmonic enhancement available as separate plugins.
  • [Alpha] Four highpass frequencies for mid channel (18, 24, 32 and 40Hz) and continuous adjustment for side channel with 6dB/oct slope.
  • [Alpha] High-frequency tweak at 14kHz for loudness curve.
  • [Alpha] Temporary bypass switch for tilt control.
  • [Alpha] Better implementation of stereo width control.
  • [Alpha] Label “monitor” flashes when incomplete signal is being monitored.
  • [Beta] Continuous central frequency selection for tilt module with wider range of operation.
  • [Beta] Four Q factors for highpass and lowpass filters.
  • [Beta] Better saturation mode that leaves higher frequencies (“air”) intact.

Alpha and Beta are available as freeware VST effect plug-ins for Windows PC.

Visit J1000 for more information.