J1000 has announced the release of DQ65, a free dynamic equalizer effect plug-in for Windows.

J1000 DQ65

Standard parametric equalizers have three parameters – central frequency, Q factor and gain amount. After you set them filter works statically independent of incoming signal.

DQ65 alters the gain dynamically with two parameters: one gain for high amplitude, other for low. Frequency and Q factor don’t change – they operate the same as in standard EQ.

This plugin is designed primarily for track equalization, especially for instruments with wide and varying dynamic range.

DQ65 features

  • 5 peak minimum-phase stereo filters.
  • Two gain controls per filter, for high and low amplitudes.
  • Scalable envelope follower that determines high/low blending.
  • Low and high-cut filters with two slopes (1st/2nd order for LCF, 2nd/3rd for HCF filter).
  • Band-pass monitoring for each peak filter.
  • 32-bit internal precision with zero latency and low CPU consumption.

The DQ65 is available for download for Windows (32-bit VST).

More information: J1000