J1000 releases MQ55 & SX36 plug-ins + MQ57 updated to v1.11


J1000 has announced the release of the MQ55 mixing equalizer and SX36 stereo processor, two free effect plug-in for Windows.

J1000 MQ55The MQ55 equalizer is based on the MQ57, optimized for mixing.

Parametric mixing equalizer based on MQ57. Most of the functions are the same, except that MQ55 operates only in stereo mode, has more flexible pass filters and has gain ratio that acts like dry/wet control. This is my go-to EQ for music production.

MQ55 features

  • 7 parametric minimum-phase stereo filters, 5 of them are peak, 2 are shelf.
  • Functions and ranges optimized for mixing tasks.
  • HP and LP filters with two selectable slopes (1st & 2nd order for HP, 2nd & 4th for LP filter).
  • Ratio knob that serves as a overall gain multiplier.
  • Possible monitoring for each peak filter.
  • 32-bit internal precision with zero latency and low CPU consumption.
  • No introduced harmonic or dynamic distortion.
J1000 SX36 The SX36 is a three-band stereo processor.

Three-band stereo processor that separates audio into low, mid and high frequencies and lets you manipulate their stereo properties – width and panning or rotation. Crossover points are easily adjusted with single knob. It has simple meters for each range showing correlation or panning. High-pass filter cuts unwanted frequencies on side channel for more stable bass.

SX36 features

  • Three spectrum ranges with identical stereo and gain controls.
  • Choice between rotation and classic panning for each range.
  • First order (6dB/octave) crossover to preserve spectrum fluidity as much as possible.
  • Simple correlation and panning meters with two speeds of operation.
  • Dedicated, auto-monitoring side channel HP filter (12dB/octave).
  • 32-bit internal precision with zero latency and low CPU consumption.

J1000 has also updated the MQ57 equalizer to version 1.11.

Changes in MQ57 v1.11

  • Removed audible clicks on knob resets.
  • LED indicators for filter monitoring.
  • Small GUI redesign.

J1000 plug-ins are available to download as freeware for Windows (VST).

More information: J1000

Plugin Boutique

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The site is apparently down.


Working fine here…


Hmmm… I tried- FF, IE, and chrome with the same end result. Maybe the site is receiving too much traffic so it comes & goes. I can go to other sites just fine.


Strange, still working for me.
What you could do, if it still fails for you, is try to load the link at http://ipinfo.info/netrenderer/ and see if it shows up there. If it does, and it doesn’t at your computer then there’s something weird going on at your end.


I did what you suggested and the page did render or show on that site you listed. Decided to try other devices with the official link & still couldn’t access it- even with a tablet which suggest that it’s a network issue perhaps dealing with my gateways firewall or maybe my ISP address being rejected by the site or something.

I also was able to get to the sites homepage by using Google translate in another language then choosing original page. Still couldn’t download anything however!


Yes, I think unfortunately J1000’s new web address is blocked by some ISPs or firewalls or something.
If you want I can send you the downloads, just contact me (tab on the right of the page) with your email address and I’ll send another link.


Thanx a bunch Ronnie that did the trick!


Decided to try on my laptop and still no dice!