J1000 has released PQ33, a free parametric mixing equalizer for Windows.

PQ33 is a freeware VST equalizer based on RND Portico 5033 hardware unit. It has the same number and layout of elements, same frequency ranges for all filters, same gain operational levels and Q factors. It is intended for use during mixing and tracking, but it can also be used for simple mastering tasks.

J1000 PQ33

J1000 PQ33

PQ33 features

  • 3 fully parametric filters, with slightly overlapping frequency ranges, identical gains and Q factors (labeled LMF, MF & HMF).
  • 2 semi-parametric shelving filters for lows and highs, with automated steepness depending on selected frequency and applied gain (LF & HF).
  • All knobs are continuous, allowing precise adjustments of each control.
  • No introduced harmonic or dynamic distortion.
  • All gains, including input trim, have +/-12dB operating range.
  • 32-bit internal processing and support for most common sample rates.
  • 16 presets, including very useful curves for complete mixes.

PQ33 is available as a freeware VST effect plug-in for Windows.

Visit J1000 for more information.