J1000 has released version 1.5 of BTQ2, a free bass/treble equalizer effect plugin for Windows.

J1000 BTQ2

BTQ2 is simple equalizer that twists bass and treble using two interlocked pairs of shelf and peak filters. Some famous studio equalizers use this method to achieve deep bass and sparkling treble while simultaneously reducing muddiness and harshness.

New in version 1.5 is an additional tilt control that adjusts spectrum slope. It has two controls – frequency knob that determines central point of tilting, while gain knob adjust difference between highs and lows. Plugin is backwards compatible with older versions so it can be swaped in all existing projects.

J1000 has also announced CCOM, a compressor plugin that is scheduled for release in April.

It shares GUI with PKS1 plugin and hence it’s very ease to handle. The main difference from other compressors is that it compresses whole dynamic range gradually, so it doesn’t have threshold or classic ratio controls. CCOM is short for curve compression.

CCOM will also be available as a free download for 32-bit Windows (VST).

More information: J1000