J1000 Alpha

J1000 has released version 3.6 of Alpha and Beta, two free equalizer effect plug-ins for Windows.

ALPHA is an equalizer made primarily for mastering and sub-mixes. It separates stereo into mid and side signals and allows you independent equalization over both of them. BETA is similar in functionality to Alpha, but adapted to mixing needs.

Changes in Alpha and Beta v3.6

  • Stereo width control and correlation meter (Alpha).
  • Simplified tilt control (Alpha).
  • Shelf filters now work both for boosting and cutting, with +/-6dB operating range (Beta).
  • Auto-solo mode also previews cutting frequencies on HP&LP filters (Beta).
  • Small cosmetic changes on both GUIs for better legibility.

Alpha and Beta are available to download as VST effect plug-ins for Windows PC.

Visit J1000 for more information.