J1000 updates MQ57/MQ55 equalizer & SX36 stereo proccesor plugins


J1000 has announced version 1.5 of its MQ57 and MQ55 parametric equalizers, and version 1.1 of the SX36 threeband stereo processor.

J1000 SX36The SX36 3-band stereo processor separates audio into low, mid and high frequencies, and allows for manipulation of stereo properties.

A lot has been changed after careful reconsideration. New graphics, even more optimized performance, some new functions in place of the old ones, file sizes cut in half, and it’s still all for free!

Changes in MQ57/MQ55/SX36

  • MQ57 now operates only in M/S mode, no more L/R support.
  • Balance/tilt ditched in favor of separate LCF/HCF for each channel.
  • Reduced gain ranges in MQ55 from +-12dB to +-9dB.
  • Corrected Q factors.
  • SX36 now has Haas delay control.
  • New GUIs.
  • Some smaller bug fixes (audible clicks in operation).
  • And a lot more…

J1000 plugins are available for Windows (VST) as freeware.

More information: J1000

Plugin Boutique

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Hmmm…. still can’t access this site directly without a workaround. Ronnie helped me the last time, but I discovered by means of a warning from a browser or something that the site has something not right about it’s certificate- which is the reason FF or Chrome won’t load the site.


Working on borh FF and Chrome here. I think it had something to do with the IP/ISP you’re using. Just email me if you’d like the download links for the updates again.


Thanks a lot 4 the update Ron! Good thing I still had the old link for reference because I couldn’t get the new 1 to work. Turns out the old link had– index.html – in the address- while the new 1 didn’t.

Again, thankz


No problem!
The link worked without index.html for me, but I guess on some systems it needs the page included. Sorry about that.