Fabrizio Poce has announced the launch of a set of MIDI and audio devices with new and selected functions from the J74 repertoire.

The J74 FreeCode pack for Ableton Live includes the ChordExplorerLight, a MIDI chord generator which can be controlled and sequenced by MIDI input, the PhaseVoCoder, an eight-voice phase vocoder with built in filter, LFO/spread and Drive, and the Eighty-Four-Chorus stereo chorus effect inspired by the ones used on ’80s synthesizers.

Additionally, the J74 product line has been updated to support high screen resolutions (zoom up to 150%). This free update comprises the following devices:

  • Progressive.
  • BassLine.
  • Venus6.
  • StepLocker.
  • SliceShuffler.
  • PitchControl.

More information: J74