Fabrizio Poce has announced the release of version 3.5 of J74 Progressive (for Ableton Live/Max for Live) and J74 Progressive SE (Standalone Edition).

J74 Progressive is a set of Max for Live tools for Ableton Live specialized in chord progression making and harmonic editing. J74 Progressive allows you to create and edit chord progressions as MIDI clips, making use of composition techniques modelling (such as diatonic scale and chords exploration methods) as well as performance styles (arpeggio, humanized timing and dynamics).

The tool is capable of producing extremely realistic chord progressions and arpeggios, delivered directly as MIDI clips in Ableton Live Session view. Besides the chord progression generator/editor, Progressive also includes tools for scale and chord detection in any MIDI and Audio material and for MIDI clip processing (scale based transposition, dynamics, pitch transformations).

Changes in version 3.5

  • Clip Modifier Updated with focus on harmonic rhythm:
    • New [Split] function with programmable [Triggers] sequence.
    • New [Preset lists] create harmonic rhythm in Clip Modifier (multi-functional scripts).
    • New [CleanUp] function to remove “deactivated” notes from a MIDI clip.
  • Other Features:
    • New Float options for managing multiple windows.

J74 Progressive is available for purchase for $15 USD; the Standalone Edition is $10 USD.

More information: Fabrizio Poc