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James Morrow releases Phasing musical game


James Morrow has released Phasing, a game that lets you create interesting and complex music.

James Morrow Phasing 01

James Morrow Phasing 02

James Morrow Phasing 03

James Morrow Phasing 04

James Morrow Phasing 05

James Morrow Phasing 06

Taking its cue from Steve Reich’s 1967 piece Piano Phase, Phasing is about creating multifaceted music from simple starting points: a melody and a process that transforms the melody.

Two pianists play two identical melodies. One pianist plays faster, gradually overtaking the other. As the piece develops, unexpected harmonic patterns seem to come together and then drift apart, giving way to new patterns.

Phasing for Windows and Mac is available for purchase for $2 USD.

More information: James Morrow / Phasing

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