Splice Sounds has launched ØPÂL, an exclusive blend of analog and digital straight out of Jamie Lidell’s studio. From dreamy pads to glitchy drum rhythms, this collection is sure to put an experimental shine on your next track.

Splice Sounds Jamie Lidell ØPÂL

ØPÂL is a set of all original audio gems mined from a huge range of sonic treasures.

Jamie Lidell coaxed the precious signals from a heady mixture of analog & digital gear and processing units in his studio West Air. The sonic character of is ØPÂL is more heady than you might expect from the Grammy nominated writer and producer.

Lidell is best known for his vocals that grace 7 solo albums and tracks with artists like Mura Masa and A-Trak.

The ØPÂL pack is now available to Splice subscribers. New users can sign up for Splice Sounds with promo code yt2021 to get 1 month free access.

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