Jeff Larson Mobius

Jeff Larson has released version 1.4 of Mobius, a program for the real-time creation and manipulation of audio loops.

It has functionality based on venerable hardware devices such as the Echoplex Digital Pro and the Electrix Repeater, and moves beyond these in many powerful exciting ways. You can think of Mobius as 8 synchronized stereo hardware loopers with with the ability to copy loops and timing between them. Extensive MIDI and computer keyboard control is available. Audio content may be saved to and loaded from files.

Changes in Mobius v1.4

  • The following features were added:
    • Shuffle now supports complex patterns in scripts
  • The following bugs were fixed:
    • Threshold recording broken, could never stop recording
    • loopCount variable always returns zero
    • script lines ignored if they didn’t end with a newline
    • VST edit window not remembering the last location

Mobius is available as freeware for Windows PC and Mac OS X.

More information: Zone Mobius