Jeremiah Pena Bathroom Ensemble

Jeremiah Pena has released Bathroom Ensemble, a free sample library for Kontakt.

I am pleased to present my first free Kontakt sample library, Bathroom Ensemble, a collection of 8 different household objects, put through processing to create a “bathroom” (or small warehouse) type sound. As this is my first library, it has a few kinks, but most instruments are sampled at 4+ velocity layers with 8+ key range.

The recording process for this library was rather strange. I own a very cheap (under $10) microphone, which sounds pretty terrible, and just about the noisiest house known to humanity. I figured out a post-processing method where I used a noise remover and gate to rid the recording of as much background noise as possible, then applied Roomworks reverb at 100% mix, removing the background noise completely, and giving the samples a roomy (bathroom) feel.

Bathroom Ensemble is available as a free download for Kontakt (8 patches, 90MB .zip).

More information: Jeremiah Pena