Jeremy Evers

Jeremy Evers has released xi2bmk2, a tool for converting .xi instruments to samples for Beatmaker 2.

Here’s a little tool that I cooked up to share with old-school fast tracker 2 heads that play with beatmaker 2.

xi2bmk2 will rip through your dusty old .xi instrument collection, and convert it to a shiny new .bmk2 and .wav collection.

xi2bmk2 features

  • xi2bmk2 will operate recursively on an input directory that you specify. The first folders that it encounters will become the category names in the .bmk2 file.
  • You can use the .wavs for whatever you like, but the tuning information, key maps, and loop points are all stored in the .bmk2 xml.
  • Since fast tracker‘s envelopes were so radical, they are not converted to the standard ADSR that beatmaker 2 uses.
  • Stereo pair instruments (identified by two files, *L.xi and *R.xi, in the same folder, with matching keymaps and samples) will be magically welded back together into a single stereo instrument.

xi2bmk2 is available to download for Windows PC at no cost.

More information: Jeremy Evers