Jeroen Breebaart Plugins Bundle

Jeroen Breebaart’s collection of previously released freeware and commercial effect plugins for Windows is now available to download as a bundle.

This bundle of old(!) VST plugins is provided free of charge and comes with no warranty or support. Feel free to use these plugins, but use them at your own risk. The plugins are based on the VST 2.3 specification, and provided for Windows x86 platforms only. For improvements and completely re-designed versions of these plugins, including native support for x64 platforms, Mac OSX VST and Audio Units, please move over to ToneBoosters.

JB Bundle features

  • Auditor Pro professional metering plugin.
  • Barricade Pro multi-factor limiter.
  • FSynth Pro audio resynthesizer.
  • Isone Pro binaural simulator.
  • Red Phatt Pro dynamics processor.
  • Smash Pro spectral processor.
  • Barricade brick wall limiter.
  • Ferox tape simulator.
  • Broadcast processor.
  • SEND spectrum enhancer.
  • Omniverb reverberator.
  • Omnisone spatial processor.

More information: Jeroen Breebaart