Jeroen Breebaart Broadcast Processor v2.01 BETA

Jeroen Breebaart has released version 2.03 beta of Broadcast, a freeware multiband broadcast processing plugin for Windows PC.

Changes in v2.03 beta

  • Clipping problem for acvitated bypass knob resolved.
  • Limiter can be set inactive.
  • New automatic stereo ‘width’ limiter for each band to prevent too strong side signal levels.
  • Range of 2nd crossover frequency extended to 12 kHz.

All of Jeroen Breebaart’s plugins are now available in a bundle, as a single convenient zip file.

Also, if you’re interested in spatial audio processing, make sure to check Jeroen’s book publications page (a new book, “Spatial audio processing: MPEG Surround and other applications”, was recently published).

Visit Jeroen Breebaart for more information.