Jeroen Breebaart Omnisone v2.01

Jeroen Breebaart has released updates for 4 of his free plug-ins.

JB Omniverb –reverberation plugin with separate control of the reverberation time, echo density, room size, and early reflections– has been updated to version 2.01.

Changes include an improved gate algorithm, completely re-designed early reflections / late reverb algorithms, and new late reverb modulation control parameters.

JB Ferox –tape saturation modeller– has been updated to version 1.02. Main changes include better control of the tape delay time, an improved feedback signal path and 192 kHz sampling rate support.

JB Omnisone
–spatial image processor– has been updated to version 1.05. This change reflects improved control of stereo width (the conventional side-signal gain) and ambiance processing, and support for 192 kHz sampling rates.

JB Barricade
–brick wall limiter– was updated to version 1.02. No idea what exactly changed…

You can download all these free plug-ins from Jeroen’s VST page.