Jewel Audio Circle

Jewel Audio has released Circle, a new soundset for Native Instruments Massive.

Circle is both inspiration and impeccable source for “bread&butter”-sounds: Programmed by Richard Lichten (aka Chris Knapp) and “inspired” by the variety and playability of hardware synth presets, Circle offers 200 expressive and innovative sounds useable for all genres.

From electric arpeggios to deep basses to “electronic” choirs, from club & classical leads to movie-like effect sounds, from complete morphing ambient soundscapes to “real” guitars, Circle truly uses Massive …. massively !

Circle features

  • More than 200 carefully designed presets, ordered with Massive Sound Browser system.
  • Ruthless use of all of Massive sound shaping possibilities, like effects, unisono and waveshaping.
  • Extensive use of Massive macro possibilities, allowing deep soundshaping, with 4-6 Macros per patch.
  • Six categories: Basses, Keys, Leads, Sequences, Effects, Pads.
  • Basses: from deep electronic to fm and waveshaping basses to “nearly acoustic” comb filter variants.
  • Keys: from house “hits” to classic key sounds to pseudo-real instruments.
  • Leads: from soft vintage leads to harder electronic leads to hoover sounds, using Massive’s excellent Unisono.
  • Pads: from vintage strings and organs to house pads and club strings to waveshaping moving digital pads.
  • Effects: from industrial ambient moving atmospheres to medieval ambiences to movie ghost wails.
  • Sequences: from innovative waveshaping moving sounds over classical arpeggios to slow ambient one-key-songs.

Jewel Audio Circle is available to purchase for the introductory price of $25 USD until 10 March, 2010 (regular price $39 USD).

Circle Free Edition, a collection of 35 patches from the Circle soundset, is available to download at no cost.

Visit Jewel Audio for more information.