Jiggery-Pokery Elements

Jiggery-Pokery has announced the release of Elements: Vector Synthesis Workstation, a ReFill for Reason 5.

In an epic and unique ReFill for Reason 5, Vector Synthesis finally comes to the Reason rack. Sweep between four wildly or subtly different sounds, and create spectacular soundscapes on the fly. Set the patch to evolve automatically or manually.

With exclusive new samples from the Waldorf Blofeld, Korg Wavestation and Roland SC-8850. Whether it’s chilling ambient, progressive trance, or massive supersaws, Elements – it’s the stuff we are all made from.

Elements: Vector Synthesis Workstation features

  • Vectors: Use X-Y-Z controls to live mix between four Voices, or simply turn on the automated Voice and pan vectors.
  • 9 Waldorf Blofeld elements: Saw, Sine, Triangle, Pulses 50/40/20, Single-Osc PWM (2 types) and Triple-Osc PWM. All sampled through the Waldorf LP24 with drive.
  • 26 PPG wavetable random sweeps from the Blofeld, with 20-30 second multisampling, sampled through the onboard “PPG LP” filter and with different on-board drive amounts applied.
  • 70 Roland SC-8850 ethnic and western ensemble instruments and voice elements.
  • 128 Korg Wavestation elements, including 65 Prophet VS waves.
  • 20 additional Waldorf Blofeld presets (mostly basses).
  • 185 Combinator Workstation presets.
  • Over 600 NNXT patches.
  • Over 300 Thor patches, making extensive use of all the oscillator types – particularly the Wavetable, FM and Phase Mod – and filter types.
  • 85 basic Line 6 FX Junkie patches (single FX module setups).
  • PDF user guide.

Elements: Vector Synthesis Workstation is available to purchase for the introductory price of £29.95 GBP.

More information: Jiggery-Pokery