Particle Sound has launched JNO II, a sampled Juno 106 synthesizer instrument for Native Instruments Kontakt.

Particle Sound JNO II Box + Interface 2

Particle Sound is pleased to announce the release of JNO II, our next generation sampled Juno 106 instrument which takes all of the original samples and features of our popular JNO I synth and expands on them by more than doubling the core library size, adding useful new features like 2 true oscillators per layer and including the same flexible new FX architecture first introduced in Forks.

JNO II’s dual oscillators per layer add up to 4 simultaneous sound sources per instrument with each layer also having it’s own complete multimode filter, panning and modulation sections. The oscillator sections of each layer are identical with oscillator 1 letting you choose from over 140 waveforms, multi-sampled synth or processed sounds while oscillator 2 allows you to select from 66 waveforms and steady state sounds.
This new architecture allows access to JNO II’s entire core library from a single .NKI instrument with the factory presets stored as 106 Kontakt 5 snapshots.

JNO II’s new effects section has 4 freely assignable insert effects slots in addition to master delay and convolution reverb send effects. The convolution reverb allows a choice between one of 60 custom impulse responses, including 25 new impulses sampled from the DEP-5, a little known vintage Roland effects unit from the same era as the Juno 106 that has a wonderfully grainy and washy sound that perfectly compliments the sound of JNO II. Each of the 4 insert slots allows a choice between one of 18 different effects including Eq, compression, distortion, cabinet emulation, modulation and reverb type effects.

This all adds up to an instrument that begs to be played and while the 106 factory presets give instant inspiration, they only just scratch the surface of what is possible. JNO II is an instrument that allows for deep control and the creation of almost any sound you can imagine is possible by way of a flexible custom interface that puts over 130 knobs and sliders at your virtual fingertips.

JNO II features

  • Dual layer interface with individually linkable sections.
  • 2 oscillators, 1 multimode filter, 3 envelopes and 2 LFO’s available per layer.
  • Dedicated controller section with 1 source and 2 destinations per layer.
  • 106 inspiring new presets using Kontakt 5 snapshots.
  • 142 samples & waves to choose from based on 50 core multi-samples from the Juno 106.
  • 4 freely assignable insert FX slots with each one having a choice between one of 18 different effects.
  • 60 custom impulse responses, including 25 new responses from the Roland DEP-5.
  • Includes 1,753 24bit samples in total, weighing in at 922Mb in compressed .NCW format (1.2Gb uncompressed equivalent).

JNO II for Kontakt or later (full version) is available for purchase for $49.95 USD.

Particle Sound JNO II Layer 1
Particle Sound JNO II Layer 2