Johan Looijenga MIDI real-time Harmonizer

Johan Looijenga has released version 2 of his MIDI real‐time Harmonizer, a MIDI-based harmonizer software application for Windows and Mac.

The MIDI real-time Harmonizer will take input notes via MIDI and generate 4-note chords that can be harmonized towards any key and scale. The result is send out to a physical or virtual MIDI port in real-time to drive any host plugin synths or external synths. In the MIDI real-time Harmonizer you can program 8 different chords that will be played one at a time, each time you play a note. The MIDI real-time Harmonizer can then harmonize these chords towards any key and/or scale in real-time. By designating a special (lower) keyboard area to be used as key switches, you can switch to have all generated notes harmonized towards a particular programmable key/scale as you play. You can also play a chromatic above/below or below/above approach in your solo line to switch key/scale harmonizing in real-time.

The MIDI real-time Harmonizer allows you to play a solo line with additional note harmonics generated in real-time that will always fit to the right key and scale at the right moment. The application is designed with the performing musician in mind.

MIDI real‐time Harmonizer 2 features

  • Individual notes can trigger chords containing up to 4 notes.
  • More than one note can be played at the same time, triggering multiple (harmonized) chords.
  • Chords are automatically transposed depending on note played.
  • Rotation through in total 8 chords triggered by every note played.
  • Possibility to define velocity offset for chord notes and decrease number of chord notes to 3, 2 or 1.
  • Force/harmonize chords to fit within a certain key and scale including tensions.
  • Bypass as well as key/scale forcing/harmonizing can be switched on/off from any keyboard/controller.
  • Real-time switching of key/scale using key switches in lower keyboard area.
  • 12 key switches with any key/scale can be programmed within each preset.
  • Real-time switching of key/scale by using chromatic above/below or below/above approach.
  • MIDI in ports, MIDI out ports, MIDI out channel can be set.
  • 128 presets can be saved, MIDI program change recognition.

MIDI real‐time Harmonizer 2 is available to purchase as a standalone (Max/MSP) application for PC and Mac, priced at 29.95 EUR excl. VAT.

More information: MIDI real‐time Harmonizer 2