John Niclasen has announced the release of G2500, a virtual synthesizer instrument that is based on the classic ARP 2500 by Alan R. Pearlman.

The G2500 is made from in-house developed proprietary and optimized virtual analog modules to reproduce the unique and fat analog sound of the original bringing it to your desktop.

All the original control features from the ARP 2500 are there, and because you can now save your carefully programmed patches, the G2500 is even better than the real thing!

The instrument features all 10 modules found on the original (power control, oscillator, modulator amplifier, filter amplifier, dual noise/random, ten-position sequencer, dual envelope generator, sample & hold/random voltage, multimode filter/resonator, sequential mixer), as well as an additional I/O Control virtual module.

G2500 for macOS is available for the intro price of 100 EUR. A free demo version can be download (no saving of patches, 20 minutes use limit).

More information: NicomSoft

G2500 virtual synth